The First Toss

Expertise Dice is a blog about RPGs. Dungeons & Dragons Next will feature most prominently, but articles about other games will make an appearance.

Previously I wrote about RPGs at The Hobbit Hole. I wanted a more specialized place to write about RPGs specifically and games in general. The RPG articles at The Hobbit Hole will be migrated here in the upcoming weeks.

Some of the games that I would like to write about are:

  • D&D
    • Next
    • 4e
    • 3.5
  • Numenera
  • FATE Core
  • Dungeon World
  • Sixcess
  • Pathfinder

Other article subjects will be events surrounding RPGs. Since I recently returned from GenCon 2013, the first series of posts will be about that event and experience. Look for those coming very soon!

Also, my group’s games will be featured here, though I don’t plan on doing a week-by-week recap. Our recaps are rarely of interest to anyone but us. But when we defeat evil and drive it back to its hole, I’m sure something about that will pop up here.

Lastly, I and my friends and family play lots of other games. Those will make an occasional appearance as well. (Currently I’m working on a Scoundrels of Skullport review.)

Feel free to look around (though it is admittedly sparse right now), and let me know what you think!