Mythoard’s Monthly Menagerie

On Saturday a strange little package arrived in the mail. I got my first Mythoard installment.

The Mythoard package is delivered monthly and contains miscellaneous RPG related contents. It’s like a Jam-of-the-Month club for gamers.

What’s in the Box?

The first month’s contents are as follows:

Stone Fields of Azoroth by Gothridge Manor Games - A small module divided into 3 parts, the village and two dungeon locations. It’s a short little adventure with the bonus of a backdrop village if you need one on the fly. It’s system agnostic; NPCs are given basic class/level and monsters are a sort of OSR stat block from what I can tell.

The packaging is zine format and nothing special, but the artwork is nice and a quick read of the adventure gives me some basic ideas for where to insert these in a one-off night of gaming.

10+ Treasures by Awful Good Games - this would have been the highlight of the package if not for the item that follows. It’s a compilation of 31 magic items for Dungeon World. Also, it gives a good treatise on how to make your own magic items for DW.

Very impressive little booklet, with great artwork and superior production values for being so inexpensive.

Blue Dungeon Tiles - I missed out on the Kickstarter, and having a sampling of these within the package was a treat. My favorite product in this month’s package and I look forward to purchasing some of these after the holidays.

These are map tiles that you can draw on. They are a thick laminate with a shape on one side (e.g. corridor) and a 4x4 grid on the other side. Kind of like a highly portable, very small Tact-Tiles.

There was also a poster for Baby Bestiary. The poster is interesting, and the artwork is nice, but mine was bent in shipping.

Last but not least was a postcard of The Mushroom King. (Somehow very unnerving given the message on the back. Great for a Dungeon Crawl Classics game probably.)

Worth $20?

Hard to say really. The Stone Fields of Azoroth is good quality and an exclusive, so that’s worth something.

There are only 3 Blue Dungeon Tiles, so not useful as is, but great as a preview.

The 10+ Treasures goes for $5 in printed format on RPG Now, + whatever shipping would cost you.

The other items are nice and eclectic, but not exactly what I pine for, so probably wouldn’t have purchased them separately.

Special note on the packaging. The envelope was a thick cardboard with that paper-pulse/lint filling that gets everywhere. I hate it. But, their newsletter states they are working on getting proper boxes, so this should be a short lived complaint.

I’d say its value is negotiable. 2 definitely will use, one preview for something I’m likely to purchase, and other minor collectibles I would pass on.

What About Next Month?

I will try it again to see what the contents are. It definitely is fun to get a package in the mail every month stuffed with items for your gaming habit.