Joining the Circus

The RPG Circus has long been one of my favorite RPG podcasts. A few weeks ago, one of their hosts, Brian, could no longer participate. As a frequent contributor, I asked if they could use a guest host.

Last night I recorded my first episode with them. It was lots of fun and Jeff and George proved to be as genuine off mic as they were during the show.

In case you’re aren’t familiar with the format, the reason it’s called the RPG Circus is because each of the 3 hosts leads the discussion on a particular topic, à la 3 ring circus.

George started off with a great interview with Simon from Privateer Press about the new Iron Kingdoms RPG that did very well at the Ennies.

My segment was on GenCon 2013 and the highlights, at least from my perspective. Also, most, if not all, the bad jokes were mine.

Jeff finished with a comparison of their Ennie predictions to the actual winners. Needless to say, Jeff needs to work a bit harder on his predictions. :)

I think the best part was after the podcast was done, we stayed online and chatted for almost a half hour, just reminiscing about games and local stores and discussing potential future topics.

I’m glad to be part of the show.