GenCon 2013, Lead Up

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This is a long recount, so I’ve broken it up by days. Today is the lead up to GenCon.

My son and I attended GenCon 2013 this year. Since he is soon leaving the nest and has long wanted to attend, I decided that this would be a good send off for him.

Registration and Hotel Reservation

GenCon has long held registration on the web. It was easy and painless to sign up for our badges.

I didn’t want to wait until the hotels became available since I knew they would be booked quickly. Instead I booked a room outside the hotel reservation system. La Quinta is only a 15 minute walk from the Indiana Convention Center (ICC) and had reasonable rates for the time.

Event registration was smooth, though not without anxiety. Rather than try and handle everyone’s registrations at the same time and crash the system, they implemented a queue; when you completed and submitted your wish list, you would wait to receive the results.

Tanis and I decided early on to try and get into the D&D Next All Access (DDNAA) event. We added DDNAA to our wish list along with several others events, including backups if we didn’t get into the DDNAA. Thankfully we did get into the DDNAA and just about every other event we registered for. (We ended up returning quite a few tickets at the show.)

Flights to and from Indianapolis only occur once a day for most airlines, so to stay the entire convention we opted to stay over Sunday night and head home Monday.


I knew that Tanis would be excited to go, and I likewise anticipated GenCon. However, when he mentioned that this had been a dream of his since age 8, I was a little taken aback. I regret waiting until now to take him.

With everything set, it was just a waiting game until time to go.


We left Tuesday night on a redeye and arrived in Indianapolis at 9:30 on Wednesday morning, via a 4 hour layover in Chicago. We were tired. A quick shuttle to the hotel and La Quinta was gracious enough to let us check in early. A quick nap, dinner and then time for our first event.


Gamers love to game, and so of course one can find events (in the registration guide no less) for events on Wednesday night before the convention.

Tanis and I opted for a 1000 tile Carcassonne game. Such a great way to start the convention. Laid back and just having fun picking tiles. Tanis and I came in last place, but that was much more my fault than his. We didn’t care.

The game was huge, and we didn’t come close to using all the tiles, but it was fun to watch the strategies play out. The eventual winners, the Red team, won through resources and lucky prescient farm placement.


The event was a great success. Many thanks to the gentlemen who organized it (I wish I remembered their names).

And Onwards

We went back to our hotel and collapsed in exhaustion. Set the alarm for early, because tomorrow we begin the Greatest Four Days In Gaming!