– title: 6 Products at GenCon date: July 30, 2014

author: Jay Kint

6 Products at GenCon

I’m fortunate enough to be attending GenCon this year, so I’ve made a list of products I’m going to check out. This is the list of top 5 6 products that I will be searching for. They are not automatic purchases, but I’d be hard pressed to imagine why I wouldn’t.

GenCon Fez

So corny, yet so full of gaming goodness. The GenCon fez, or any of the fezzes, really will accentuate your personality at the gaming table.

Desperately need to roll that 20? Move the tassel to the other side and blow on the dice 3 times.

13th Age Books

Okay, so I’m cheating right off the bat. 13th Age has two new books out, and I intend to purchase both of them. We play 13th Age right now, and our GM has both books and likes them.

The 13th Age Bestiary looks to correct the most glaring problem with 13th Age - not enough stuff to negotiate with.

13 True Ways brings additional classes and options to characters. I think of this as the 13th Age Unearthed Arcana. I’m sure we’ll pick and choose through this as we go through our campaign.

Rise of the Drow

The folks at Adventure-A-Week have put together an adventure path with everyone’s favorite UnderDark villains, the Drow. Rise of the Drow looks to be a long adventure on which to base an entire campaign.

It looks to be one of the many campaigns I’m going to run when I’m retired. :P

Dwarven Forge Dice

There is no shortage of really cool dice for gamers, but metal dice at a reasonable price are pretty rare. I think these are going to be on sale, so I’m going to try and snag a set. I’m just not sure which color. I’m currently enamored with the copper set, but the mithral set looks pretty good too.


Once again, I cheat on my list.

GameScience is going to be back! I’m sure to pick up another set of their dice. Uncle Lou has always had my money.

GenCon Exclusives

And yet a third time. Is it funny that I’m cheating on my own list with dice?

There is always a set of dice that are GenCon exclusives for the year. I will pick some of these up too, undoubtedly, unless they are hideous.


Engine Publishing has put out some good books for GMs. I’ve been happy with their advice for the most part, so I’m looking forward to adding Unframed to my library.

I’m sure I’ll review this book shortly after purchasing it.

The Strange

Riding the success of Numenera, Monte Cook Games has followed up with The Strange, a very interesting premise that builds off the weird in Numenera.

I already have the PDF, but constraints have kept me from delving into it fully. So far though, the production values are phenomenal. I will pick up the hardcover and hopefully get an autograph or two to accompany it.

Dungeons & Dragons 5e Player’s Handbook

Ah, the raison d’être for GenCon. Celebrating 40 years, Dungeons & Dragons will again be the centerpiece of the show.

I’m playing in the D&D All Access again, so I hope that the PHB will be part of the package. If not, I’m sure I’ll succumb and purchase it anyways.


There are lots of other items that are tempting, but only after wandering through the Exhibit Hall will I know what I intend to purchase since I’ll probably have bought it!

I’ll do a post after the show to detail and review the products that I found most worthy to spend money on. I’m sure the reviews will also show up in our podcast, the RPG Circus.