100 Dungeons Deluxe

Kickstarter project 100 Dungeons Deluxe [1] has finally made its way to my inbox, so I thought I would write up some notes about it. I wouldn’t consider this a review, but rather a preview of a book coming available for general sale soon(ish).[2]

What is a Dungeon?

First, the “dungeons” within the game are varied. You will find an assortment of locales for your party to explore and pillage gold from.

These are not your traditional dungeons full of 10’ wide corridors stuffed with rooms of kobolds and orcs. Some samples are “The War Golem”, “The Clock Tower”, and “The Logic Circuit” being among the most unique.

Honestly though, it would be difficult to call many of these dungeons in scope. Many are mere encounters.

Imagination Required

This is not a supplement for those looking for 100 ready made adventures like the 4e Dungeon Delve book. These dungeons are succinct. Each dungeon occupies a single page:

  • A 1/3 page illustration of the dungeon,
  • A paragraph or two about the dungeon and sometimes an abbreviated history,
  • A bullet list of items that are found there, including occupants and treasure,
  • A hand drawn map of the dungeon, often cut-away style.

And that’s it. Not a lot of detail. This book would a great supplement to a game such as FATE (probably Accelerated more so than Core) or Dungeon World where the GM is ready to improvise and extrapolate.

Should I Buy?

I paid $10 for the PDF, and I don’t regret the purchase. With the caveats above, this makes a fine edition to any GM’s bag. I do look forward to running one or two of these as mini campaigns in between our main game.

  1. This PDF is written by Andri Erlingsson, with illustrations by Justin Gardener and maps by Gill Pearce. The Kickstarter and layout was done by Chris Lee of Lee’s Lists. This is a preview edition that is, by their own admission, close to the final product.  ↩

  2. When the book will be available is unknown to me, but will be available on RPG Now.  ↩